9,191 plays hellhole ratrace girls album


i hate that i relate to this song so much

4,340 plays swallow teen suicide i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body


teen suicide - swallow

fucked up in my head 
lay down in my bed 
touching your shirt 
you know i want you bad 
watching you take off your pants 
you make me feel 
bad about myself 
i’m wasting my time 
i can’t be helped 
swallow my cum 
i will make new friends 
taking off my clothes 
sober and aching i’m cold

30,109 plays crazier with you elvis depressedly disgraceland


i don’t want to get better what’s the use 

i don’t want to get better 

just crazier with you


idk who listens to digital radio but Double J is playing THIS new Wives single through-out the week cause we’re in the Unearth top 5!! Buy the cassingle from the bandcamp if you want (as as other cbr CLASSICS from beloved Cinnamon Records and lacklustre records alike!!). If you keep listening to it maybe we’ll get to play like Falls or something and I can accidentally hear Vance Joy play Riptide for the third time in a year. Also read this review cause it is v v v nice and Meat Tray and Orlando Furiou and Snowy are all top blokez 

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Nice - Liliput


Tennis - “Bad Girls”