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Mac Demarco - Sherrill

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O Dharma // Pond 

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ooooh my gosh

found this song on my computer that me and dev of majical cloudz made in like 2009 about our cat voignamir who at the time was on very bad terms with us because we were forcing him to diet and so he was like, very violent but literally like 20 or 30 pounds.  

i dont know why it sounds like indie rock haha, neither of us really make music like this

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Lover - You Don’t Treat Me No Good (Cover) // Chet Faker

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Death Grips feat. Björk - Voila

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Animal Collective - Allman Vibe (early Fireworks) 

Allman Vibe was an early version of Fireworks that Animal Collective started playing live as early as 2005. It’s most noticeable differences from Fireworks are the lyrics, a more “stringy” guitar, and a chant-like sample that can be heard throughout. Between the years that Animal Collective toured with the song and the release on Strawberry Jam as Fireworks, it went through various lyrical changes when played live until it finally evolved into the finished version that was recorded for SJ.  

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fucked her brains out and she might pretend…to be in love, to be in love, to be in love…

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